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In recent years, producing photo collages in various forms has become part of my business. These started out as a result of photo sessions I did for clients, but also include arrangements using photos the client supplies. A large print featuring a creative layout of multiple photos can be much more satisfying than having many small snapshots languishing in photo albums, or stored on a hard drive where few ever see them. Alternately, collage layouts can be used for ads, web graphics, or e-greeting cards to email to friends. The process of producing these collages involves a lot of communication between myself and the client, as well as back and forth exchanges showing suggestions or options, in order to produce the result the client desires. My tastes may not be yours, and the most important thing is that the customer is satisfied with the end product.

Prints can be any size up to 13" x 19", and are made using archival pigmented inks on Epson Ultra Premium Luster paper, for a longevity rating of 71+ years when displayed out of direct sunlight. Some prefer to mat and frame their collage prints, while others prefer dry-mounting and laminating.

Cost varies greatly depending on size, number of photos used, and extra embellishments or graphic work.

In addition to the examples shown on this page, you can see some I've done for myself on other pages on this website, such as the collage on the Meet our Dogs page displaying many of our canines over the years, and on the About Wyndian page, showing an variety of artwork I've done.
Tibetan Terrier Litter Collage

Above and Below: Two very different collages showcasing a friend's Tibetan Terrier litter. Both measure 13" x 19" and feature
photos taken by myself.

Tibetan Terrier Litter Collage

Two examples (shown smaller than actual size) of web graphics done for a client's website,
using photos provided to me. The full size images can be seen on the Ivyglenn website. The image on the left can be seen here, and the image on the right can be seen here (scroll down the page.)

Tibetan Terrier Colours Collage

This collage was done for a breeder client, to show off the wide array of colours in the Tibetan Terrier breed. Each pup was carefully isolated from its original photo, then placed on the background. The paint embellishments (brush, cans, streaks) were created or added to contribute to the overall message.

Tibetan Terrier Movement Collage

This collage was done for the same client, and was done to display the lovely movement of the dogs she has produced in her breeding program. Again, each dog was isolated from the original photo and placed on a background, then the clouds were added in multiple steps

Two examples of 'show' collages, using candid ring shots taken by myself
to commemmorate the dogs' successes in the show ring.
Tibetan Terrier Show Collage Tibetan Terrier Show Collage


A couple of examples of composite photo work, combining multiple photos into a single cohesive image
Tibetan Terrier Composite Photo Tibetan Terrier New Year's Collage
3 generations - the 'grande dame' in the background is shown slightly faded, as her daughter and granddaughter display their equally lovely movement. This was a combination of two photos, combined to appear seamless.
A New Year's ad - each of these dogs was photographed separately and then placed all together as a group, with a dark background, fireworks, and text then added.

Tibetan Terrier Show Collage
Used for a breed club magazine cover,
celebrating a top showdog's prestigious win.

You might notice that all the examples shown here happen to feature Tibetan Terriers! As tends to happen, I did the first collage for a friend who has the breed, and she was so pleased she showed it off to some of her fellow breed fanciers and club members. Word spread and more TT people contacted me for similar work. It pleases me very much to know people are so satisfied with my work to tell friends about it and recommend me, and I welcome all inquiries for photo collage or other graphic work like this involving just about any subject.