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These cedar jewellery boxes were handcrafted by a local woodworker. The lids are hinged, and small wooden feet are glued to the bottom. They come in 3 sizes:

Small measures 5" x 8", and is $90
Medium measures 5" x 10", with a centre divider inside, and is $95
Large measures 5" x 15", with an off-centre divider inside, and is $110

Sadly the woodworker who made these boxes passed away some time ago, so they will only continue to be available until my current stock runs out. For now I still have a good number of the small boxes in stock, and a few each of the medium and large sizes. A couple of the large boxes in stock have the more elaborate footed base seen in the photo of the large Bearded Collie box. For the others the more simple feet used for the small and medium boxes would be attached.

Other wooden boxes are available, and examples of some of these can be seen further down the page. They are made from thinner plywood, have hinged lids, and come in a wide range of sizes.

Unless otherwise stated, the boxes on this page have all been sold and are shown as examples of what you may order.

Small Jewellery Box - Bearded Collie
Above: The small jewellery box, featuring Bearded Collies

Small and Medium Jewellery Boxes - Akita Small and Medium Jewellery Boxes - Bearded Collie
Above: Small and medium jewellery boxes, featuring Akitas (left) and Bearded Collies (right)

Large Jewellery Boxes - 5" x 15"W
Large Jewellery Box - Rottweiler Rottweiler
Large Jewellery Box - Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie
a commission painted from a photo

Note the more elaborate footed base on this box. This style is only available on the large size box, and only two like this remain in stock.

Medium Jewellery Box - 5" x 10"
Medium Jewellery Box - Landseer Newfoundland Newfoundlands (Landseer)
Medium Jewellery Box - Tibetan Terrier Tibetan Terriers

Small jewellery boxes - 5" x 8"W
Small Jewellery Box - Bearded Collie Small Jewellery Box - Clumber Spaniel
Bearded Collie Clumber Spaniel
Small Jewellery Box - Newfoundland backpack Small Jewellery Box - Bearded Collie Portrait
Landseer Newfoundland backpacking Bearded Collie Portrait
Small Jewellery Box - Keeshond agility
Keeshond agility

Some examples of other boxes available. These are all thin plywood boxes, with hinged lids.
Tea Box - Sheltie

These boxes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - small or large, square or rectangular. Prices vary depending on size.

Left: an example of a larger rectangular box measuring approx. 6" x 8".

Below: 2 examples of the
square hinged box, which measures
4 7/8" x 4 7/8" and 2 3/8" high.
This type of box is $75

The sable Rough Collie square box below is for sale - $75
Square Box - Cairn Terrier Square Box - Rough Collie