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The majority of my work involves commissioned pieces, however from time to time I create works for shows or sales or even just to try something out, and as a result have completed works available for purchase. This page shows a variety of items currently offered for sale, along with their price. Shipping is extra, and varies depending on the method of shipping and your location. Most of these items are also shown on other pages specific to the item, such as the Xmas Ornaments page, the Round Hardwood Boxes page, and the Jewellery page. They are gathered together here for convenience.

Additional items for sale can be seen on other pages, such as prints and cards available on the Art Prints & Cards page.

I can accept payment by personal cheque, international money order, or Paypal.

Items with the following breeds appear on this page:

Group 1 Sporting

Group 2 Hound

Group 4 Terrier

Group 5 Toy

Group 6 Non-Sporting

Group 7 Herding









Collie Clock

Collie Black Forest Clock - $110

This pine clock  measures 8" wide and 11" tall at the highest point. The wood was stained a rich warm brown and the painting on the face features a blue merle Smooth Collie sitting with a sable Rough Collie puppy in a summer scene. 

Christmas Ornaments
For more information on these and other ornaments, visit the Xmas Ornaments page.
Tibetan Spaniel Xmas Ornament

Tibetan Spaniel Adult & Pup - $50

This flat hardwood ornament measures 3" in diameter and is 1/4" thick. Both sides have been painted a bright Christmas red with white speckles, and one side features a lovely portrait of an adult Tibetan Spaniel with a charming Tibbie puppy, against a white background framed by a festive Christmas wreath. It hangs from a gold coloured cord.

Round Hardwood Boxes
For more information on these items, visit the Round Hardwood Boxes page.
Chow Chow Round Box
Chow Chow Round Box
Chow Chow - Small Round Hardwood Box (Pill Box) - $40

This small round hardwood box measures 1 1/2" in diameter and 1" high. It has been painted light teal green (both inside and out) with a decorative black and white pattern around the side, and the lid features a handsome Chow Chow headstudy against a white background, and accented by a snazzy border.

Pug Round Box
Pug Round Box
Pug Adult & Pup - Large Round Hardwood Box -$55

This round hardwood box measures 2 3/4" in diameter and 2 3/4" tall. It is painted, both inside and out, in a dark midnight blue and speckled with a combination of earth tones - raw sienna, burnt sienna, and terra cotta. The same earth tones are painted in a geometric design around the lid to frame the portrait. The lid features an adult Pug with a cheerful Pug puppy. 

Thimble Size
These turned hardwood thimbles are painted all around with a continuous scene. The photo of each thimble shows 4 shots of each thimble turned slightly with each shot, to show the full design. These are actual 'thimble-size', measuring just 1 1/4" high, as seen in the photo of an unpainted thimble next to a ruler, shown at right.

They are $35 each, plus shipping.
Basset Hound Thimble
Basset Hound Tracking
Border Collie Thimble
Border Collie Flyball
Golden Retriever Thimble
Golden Retriever Agility
Smooth Fox Terrier Thimble
Smooth Fox Terriers Conformation

Paintings on masonite or paper
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Monochrome Painting
Pembroke Welsh Corgi 
Black india ink and sepia ink, on watercolour paper
4 1/4" x 5 1/2" - $45
Airedale Monochrome Painting

Chow Chow Sepia Painting

Airedale Terrier
Black india ink and sepia ink, on watercolour paper 
4 1/4" x 5 1/2"  - $45
Chow Chow
Monochrome (sepia) on Arches 140lb Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper
3 3/4" x 3 3/4" - $35
Welsh Springer Spaniel Painting
Welsh Springer Spaniel Painting Close-up
Welsh Springer Spaniel - Acrylic on masonite, double matted, unframed - $75

These glass pendants are handmade by a local glass artist. I paint on them using special paints which are baked in the oven for maximum durability. 18K gold plated or sterling silver plated bails are added. They come with a choice of black or natural 2mm waxed cotton cord. 16" is the standard necklace length, but longer or shorter lengths can be requested. They are $65 each. For more information on these, visit the Jewellery page.

Painted Glass Pendant - Scottish Terrier
Painted Glass Pendant - Pug
Sky blue pendant with standing Scottie. Silver bail, and black necklace. This pendant measures just over 1" high.
Flecked brown pendant with fawn Pug headstudy. Gold bail, and natural necklace This pendant measures 1 1/8" high.

Other Items
Collie Pins


Rough Collie Pins - $30

These pins are hardwood and measure 2" long. The Sheltie pin at the top left and the blue merle Collie pin at the top right have been sold. The sable Rough Collie pin in a summer scene at the bottom is available.


Rough Collie Square Box

Rough Collie Square Hinged Box - $75

This box measures almost 4 7/8" x 4 7/8". It has been stained a warm golden brown and features a scene on the lid with a sable Rough Collie in a summer scene.

Exotic Hardwood Bearded Collie Pins

Exotic Hardwood Bearded Collie Pins - $35

These are Bearded Collie pins, made from various exotic hardwoods. They were cut from 1/8" thick wood, sanded to an ultra smooth finish, and then waxed and buffed. The pin back was attached with a strong glue. The standing Beardies measure a little under 2" wide overall and 1 1/2" high, and the moving Beardies measure approx 2 1/4" wide and 1" high. The woods used for these pins are cocobolo, honduras rosewood, padauk, and purpleheart. Please note it is normal for some colour change to occur over time as the wood is exposed to sunlight, with most becoming slightly darker/browner.

Pins are $35 each, plus $3 shipping within North America, or $6 for shipping Internationally.