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The paintings on this page are all from my personal collection and are not for sale. They cover a range of mediums - acrylic, oil, watercolour, gouache, and in some a combination. Some of the images are available as prints.

Tigger Oil Painting Closeup
Close-up of Tigger, Alaskan Malamute
Oil on masonite
The full painting is shown below
To see this painting created from start to finish, visit the
Oil Painting Step by Step page.

Tigger Oil Painting
Tigger, Alaskan Malamute
Oil on masonite

Brown Beardie Pup Painting
Beardie Pup Watercolour
Two paintings of Olivia as a puppy (Bearded Collie)
Left: Mixed Media (primarily acrylic & watercolour,) Right: Watercolour

Ligier Watercolour
Ligier Gouache Painting
Two paintings of Ligier (Bearded Collie,) who was a very special dog of mine
Left: watercolour, Right: gouache

Amanda Acrylic/Scratchboard
Beardie Pup Head
Amanda, Bearded Collie
Acrylic on scratchboard
Yancey as a puppy (Bearded Collie)
Mixed Media on paper (primarily acrylic & watercolour)

Bearded Collie Oil Painting
Tibetan Terrier Mixed Media
Bearded Collie
Oil on board
Tibetan Terrier
Mixed Media on paper (acrylic and watercolour)

Clumber Spaniels Portrait
An early painting - Thomas and Megan, Clumber Spaniels
Acrylic on Canvas

Megan as a puppy, Clumber Spaniel
Sepia watercolour on paper
Zack as a puppy, Bearded Collie
Oil on multimedia artboard
Zack Oil Painting

Bearded Collie
Gouache on paper
Beardie Snow Scene