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Over the years I've done a number of kennel or business logos and specialty logos. These often end up being much more involved than my painted work, as people usually have definite ideas about the 'look' they're going for (and in the case of kennel logos the intent is for a permanent design that will be identified with them long term, so making sure the client is thoroughly satisfied is imperative). Logo design prices start at $150 for a very basic black & white line design (such as the TT 2000 specialty logo shown below,) and go up from there depending on the detail and complexity required, whether it is black & white or full colour, and whether it is a single use logo such as a specialty logo, or a multi-use kennel/organization identity logo.

The process generally begins with a rough sketch drawn up from the client's ideas, which is then emailed for initial approval or comments. From there I proceed to a more finished design, making minor changes as desired. Extra charges would be added if more than 2 initial sketches or more than 6 significant changes to the more finished work were needed. The finished logo can be provided in hard copy as well as on CD in several formats (eg. jpg, gif, tif, png,) for multiple uses.

Below are just a few examples of logos I have created.

BCCC 2006 Specialty Logo

Burlesque Bearded Collies Logo
Burlesque Bearded Collies
BCCC 1999 Specialty Logo

Ivyglenn Tibetan Terriers Logo
Ivyglenn Tibetan Terriers

BCCC 2009 Logo

Colledge Kennels Logo
Colledge Kennels
Cairndale Logo
Cairndale Boarding Kennel

Dorlin's Bookcase Logo
Dorlin's Bookcase
(designed to be printed as a bookmark)

Lowchen Club of America 2003 Specialty Logo
Lowchen Club of America
2003 Specialty

Critter Clumber Spaniels Logo
Critter Clumber Spaniels
Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada 2000 Specialty Logo
Tibetan Terrier Club of Canada
2000 Specialty