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(Ok I admit, I have not kept the art blog up, but I have been keeping my new website up to date and all new work is being posted there, as well as my facebook page.

website: wyndianart.com

facebook page: facebook.com/wyndianart


My new website for my artwork focuses strictly on fine art done on panel, paper, or canvas, as opposed to the various painted items I show here. I am still open to doing many of the painted 'things', but as time goes on and my stock of certain items runs out, they may be discontinued. Most of the images shown here are of older works, and although I will keep this site up, I will most likely not be updating it with new work, as it is much easier to do that on the new site. Enjoy checking out these pages, but I also hope you will pop over to the new site at wyndianart.com

From a very young age, dogs and art were two things that captured my interest. So it seemed a natural development to combine the two, and in fact it wasn’t until I focused on dogs as the subject that my art career really blossomed. As the saying goes – paint what you know! Since the inception of Wyndian Art more than 25 years ago, I have painted well over 100 different dog breeds, and created trophies for many national and regional specialties in bot

h Canada and the US, as well as numerous commissions for clients all over the world. I started out painting primarily in acrylics on wood, on a wide variety of items from jewellery boxes to salt and pepper shakers, clocks, leash holders and pencil cups, and have branched out to paint on just about any surface such as glass, slate, and the more traditional 'fine art' surfaces of paper, board, canvas, etc. Though acrylic remains my primary medium regardless of the surface, I also regularly work in various other mediums such as oil, watercolour, ink, gouache, and pencil.

Commissions are welcomed and make up a significant part of my business. As a breeder and exhibitor of Bearded Collies for more than 2 decades, the knowledge I’ve gained about structure and breed type has proved invaluable in my work, enabling me to truly capture the finer points of each breed. That my work has met with widespread approval from top breeders and judges throughout the world is very satisfying.

Being a ‘dog person’ myself, most of my work does involve dogs, however I have painted many other animals and subjects as well, and inquiries about any subject are welcome.

A few of the clubs I have done trophies for include:

National Specialties

Regional Specialties

In most cases these trophies were individually painted pieces, however for the 2003 Bearded Collie Club of America National I was commissioned to do 4 paintings which were then reproduced on boxes, notecards, and shirts. These can be seen on the commissions page.

In addition, other work I've done for breed clubs include logos for several specialties, some of which can be seen on the logo design page, and a number of illustrations for the Clumber Spaniel Club of America's Illustrated Standard, some of which can also be seen on the commissions page.

Computer based work such as collages combining several photographs, producing either web graphics or archival prints for display have also increasingly become part of my business (the image below showing many photos of my artwork is one example of a web graphic collage.) Information on this can be found on the photo collages page.

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